Meet Gabriella

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Name: Gabriella
Likes: Love to dance, love gymnastics, I also sing! I love making new friends across the country and speaking to children with disabilities about dance and helping them achieve their dream. I would love to go to school for dance and dance professionally some day.
Hobbies and Activities: Dance. Gymnastics. I love to read and make slime (who doesn’t?)
Pets: Three dogs. Laila is a boxer, Luna is a poodle and Daisy is a teacup yorkie.
Describe your Room: My room is hot pink and Paris theme. Very girly and lots of glitter and bling
Describe your Style: Athletically cute yet girly
Favorite Movie: Aquamarine (because I truly believe I am a mermaid)
Favorite Book: Any dork diaries and I just started the series of unfortunate events-which I love
Favorite Food: Pizza and chips. Broccoli and steak
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream-any kind. You can’t go wrong with ice cream.
Favorite Color: Pink and teal
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Kind, outgoing and content
Anything Else: I love to make people laugh.

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