Meet Alexa

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Name: Alexa
Likes: I like being a genuine person and helping others. I really love being of anything that has to do with anti-bullying.
Hobbies and Activities: I love modeling and acting because I love being in character and being someone else that I’m not. It’s fun! I also just started playing field hockey and I absolutely love it. I will be starting on a team in the fall and I look forward to playing. My biggest hobby though, is reading and writing. I love reading the fashion magazines because I love getting inspiration from others. I love school, believe it or not!
Pets: I have three dogs – I have a Shiba-Inu, his name is Louie; a Rottweiler, her name is Zia; and a Malti-poo, her name is Coco.
Describe your Room: My room is very me! – super girly! It’s pink and white, which are my favorite colors. I have a cute bed that is super comfy and a cute night stand next to it that has all of my favorite jewelry. My favorite thing about my room is a picture board I have hanging on my wall. The board includes pictures all of my family and friends, and always reminds me of the good times I’ve had over the years. Next to it I have another favorite item, which is my fashion/model Inspiration board. The board is pinned with fashion inspiration and outfits that some of my favorite models wear.
Describe your StyleMy style is very girly and trendy, but I do love me some edgy pieces. I love dresses, skirts, flowy shorts or pants, heels, and anything really high fashion. I love to play around with different outfits. I like to wear pieces with a pop of color because I really like to stand out and express myself through fashion.
Favorite Movie: I like the Divergent series and Identity Thief
Favorite BookI love the Divergent series, and Paper Towns.
Favorite FoodPizza or sushi.
Favorite DessertMacaroons and Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream.
Favorite ColorPink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, goofy and feisty!
Anything Else: I’m so honored that I get to work with such an amazing brand like Sugar Lulu, this really means a lot! Thank you.

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