Meet Chloe

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Name:  Chloe
Likes:  Candy, pizza, sports, sewing, drawing & fashion
Hobbies and Activities:  I play a lot of soccer and tennis. I also sew, I really like to bake, and hang out with my friends.
Pets:  I have a fluffy white cat named Daisy who acts like a princess
Describe Your Room:  A fairytale princess theme with a lot of green and pink, and I also have a canopy bed.
Describe Your Style:  Very chic, but also very laid back
Favorite Movie:  I have so many favorite movies but I think my all time favorite movie is Wreck It Ralph. My other favorite movies go by series like The Hunger Games, or Toy Story…SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!
Favorite Food:  My favorite food, with no doubt, is PIZZA!!!
Favorite Color:  My favorite is either bright blue or neon pink!
Three Words to Describe Yourself:  Creative, fun & supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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