Meet Milana

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Name: Milana
Likes: leotards, lip balms, accessories, sleepovers, traveling, Disney, candy
Hobbies and Activities: gymnastics, modeling, swimming, shopping
Describe your Room: lots of pink and teal, stuffed animals, American Girl doll furniture & accessories, gymnastics trophies
Describe your Style: sporty fashion, tons of leggings of all shades, tops of all styles, bows and scrunchies
Favorite Movie: McKenna shoots for the Stars
Favorite Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Favorite Food: PASTA
Favorite Dessert: All things chocolate
Favorite Color: Tiffany blue and pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: fit, kind, smart
Anything Else: I am 9 years old. I’m a professional level 9 gymnast, member of USA Gymnastics Developmental program. I love my baby sister.

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