Meet Irlane

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Name: Irlane
Likes: making people happy!
Hobbies and Activities: dance, singing, acting, videography, photography
Pets: Dog: Snowie! 5 Fish: Bubbles, Carl, Bob, Billy, & Pat
Describe Your Room: Girly Palace with Chic to spare!
Describe Your Style: Simply Tumblr
Favorite Movie: The Bee Movie
Favorite Book: “Just a Little Crush” by Tracie Puckett
Favorite Food: Pizza & Fries
Favorite Dessert: Any candy!
Favorite Color: pink and light blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: bubbly, fun, caring
Anything Else: never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something you want to achieve. Aspire and work hard for your dreams!

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