Meet Emmy

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Name: Emmy
Likes: Waffles! Dance, my family, Hopkins, friends, art, the beach
Hobbies and Activities: DANCE, Hiking with my family, Reading, Art, Soccer
Pets: My dog Cooper And two guinea pigs (Gizmo & Hamilton)
Describe your Room: My room is full of pink!! My furniture is cream colored and I have a lot of stuffed animals and trinkets!!
Describe your Style: I love cute trendy clothes, I also love leggings and dresses
Favorite Movie: My favorite movie right now is Moana, but I also LOVE Harry Potter
Favorite Book: Wonder- I love this book because it is about a boy that overcomes bullying and the importance of friendship
Favorite Food: Mac n cheese! Waffes! Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream!!!!
Favorite Colors: Pink, blue, black
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Funny, outgoing, sweet
Anything: I love to tell jokes!!

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