Meet Alectra

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Name: Alectra
Likes: Dancing, acting, runway modeling, swimming, hanging out with friends and family
Hobbies and Activities: Hip Hop Dance, swimming, skateboarding, beach bonfires, loves helping people, anti-bullying, making commercials, dancing, school, & making new friends
Pets: Mikey, my 2 year old Chihuahua
Describe your Room: Neon colors and zebra print
Describe your StyleOriginal! Whatever anyone else is scared to wear, I want to wear it first! I’m a trendsetter and I love when people start to wear what I’m wearing or ask me where I got things
Favorite Show: Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show
Favorite Book“Wreck This Journal” it’s so fun!
Favorite FoodMac ‘n cheese
Favorite DessertChocolate peanut butter ice cream or dirt cups (chocolate pudding with crunched up oreo cookies and gummy worms)
Favorite ColorGreen, or pink and black together
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Confident, resilient, and determined
Anything Else: Even though I’m a model, actress, dancer and I enjoy having fans, I also have a real life like everyone else with real challenges and obstacles. I actually have a brain cyst that causes excruciating headaches that I deal with at least once a week. I still have to do chores and can’t talk back to my mom, I like to sleep ’til noon whenever I can, and I have a passion for animals – especially dogs. I don’t have a Dad, so God is my father.

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  1. was super sweet at the shoot

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