Summer Accessories

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It’s soooo fun and freeing getting dressed for summer days: breezy dresses, short shorts, tanks and tees—we love it all! But what we love even more? The accessories that go with them. Think about it…sure you can wear bling and more during the other seasons, but summer, without it’s long sleeves and pants to the ground, means you can show them off even more.

  1. Charms. Whether on bracelets, necklaces, anklets or rings, these little details say a lot about you. We love them because they can be anything, from pets, to school supplies, books, sports, travel destinations, fashion, accessories, initials…the list goes on and on. Look for them everywhere from your fave retail spot, online, or even make them yourself.


  1. Sunglasses. Yes the sun can be bright during fall, spring and winter, but during summer you need a good pair of sunnies. The sun is strongest then, so it’s uber important to protect your eyes, of course, but you also really need them to go with whatever outfit you are sporting as they are THE perfect summer accessory!


  1. Beach/pool bag. You absolutely canNOT go out for a day of splashing summer sun with all your supplies tucked under your arm or in any ole bag. You’ve got to tote your towel, sunscreen, hat, change of dry clothes, even a reading book into a cute bag that says you are rocking the day and the look. Choose one that’s waterproof and in a super fun color or a fabulously traditional one made of straw that may have some pretty flowers or other cool designs stitched on.


  1. Towels. You spend so much time choosing the right bathing suit or other pool/beach side outfit, when the canvas you are sitting on matters too! Your towel! Round ones with fun sayings, patterns or even made to look like fruit (think an oversized watermelon) are all the rage and we love them. There’s also the standard rectangle ones that come in all comes of designs and patterns too—our advice is to look for oversized ones so you can share with friends.


  1. Tattoos. Temporary body art adds a little glitter and a lot of fun to an outfit. Wear them proud on your arm, snake one delicately around your ankle of place on in an unexpected spot like on your tummy that peeks through a bikini or try smaller delicate ones made for your face, like a sprinkling of hearts or stars on your cheekbone.
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