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Pencil Wraps | Folder Labels | Bookmarks

pencil wrapsPencil Wraps

Supplies Needed:
No. 2 Pencils (as many as you want to cover), printed pencil wrap sheet, Modge Podge, scissors

1. Print out pencil wrap paper sheet.
2. Cut out along dotted line.
3. Use a small paint brush to apply Modge Podge to back of paper.
4. Lay pencil on paper lenghtwise and roll paper around pencil, let dry.
5. Take a paintbrush and apply more Modge Podge to top of paper and let dry.

Printable Patterns with Instructions:
Pencil Wraps_Assorted
Pencil Wraps_Secret Garden
Pencil Wraps_Glam rock
Pencil Wraps_Macaroon
Pencil Wraps_Rebel Chic

Folder LabelsFolder Labels

Supplies Needed:
Folders, 8 1/2″ x 11″ label paper, scissors, markers or colored pencils

1. Print out Folder Labels sheet.
2. Write the name of your school subjects on the labels with a marker or colored pencils.
3. Cut out labels along dotted line.
4. Peel off label backing and stick to your folders

Printable Folder Labels with Instructions:
Folder Labels-Assorted
Folder Labels-Glam Rock
Folder Labels-Macaroon
Folder Labels-Rebel Chic
Folder Labels-Secret Garden


Supplies Needed:
Card Stock(81/2″x 11″), hole punch, yarn or ribbon, scissors

1. Print out the bookmarks sheet on card stock.
2. Cut out bookmarks along dotted line.
3. Punch hole at top.
4. Tie ribbon or yarn through hole.

Printable Bookmarks sheet with Instructions:

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