Top Closet Pieces to Mix and Match

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Making the most of your wardrobe means top closet pieces to mix and match that can turn just a few outfits into tons. Even if you have already done your back-to-school shopping, maybe you’ve picked up some styles that can go with this and that. Then, for when your budget and parents allow… here are a few more ideas for top closet pieces to mix and match.

Sporty white sneaks

A pair from brands like Adidas or Puma are super popular and, as a result, can go with a lot from cropped jeans to a denim skirt.

Vintage tops

Check out new tees from old school designers like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Or hit thrift stores for authentic finds. In addition, look for old/new flannels and a jean jacket too!

Denim mini skirt

Pair this with almost anything like your favorite tee or frilly top. Also strap on lace-up sandals or a pair of the aforementioned sporty white sneaks.

Frayed jeans

Straight leg, cropped or even a pair of flared, make sure you’ve got one pair with free flowing hems. To fray them yourself, trim off sewn hem and pull out strings. Toss them in the dryer to give the hems a lived-in look.

Velvet anything

Whether you go for a pair of pants or more subtle with a headband, velvet is all the rage and because you can wear one piece with so many outfits it’s a perfect mix and match piece.

Patterned fabric

Make your leggings make a statement or just the sleeves of your shirt. Then mix and match them with any basic top or bottom that makes them work.

It bag

Your ultimate school accessory is either your bag or backpack—since you’ve got it for books and pens or to tote after-school gear. Go for a backpack or duffel in velvet, shiny patent leather, mesh  or canvas covered in pins. Carry on, girls!

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