Meet Addie

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Name: Addie
Likes: I like going shopping with friends and swimming. They are so much fun!
Hobbies and Activities: I like to go swimming at the pool or at the beach.
Pets: I have two dogs. One is named Winston and he is a pub and the other dog is named Murphey and he is a Maltese.
Describe your Room: My room has posters of Misty Copeland and other inspiring dancers such as dancers in Swan Lake. I also have a beach themed room because I absolutely adore the beach.
Describe your Style: My style is pretty casual. I normally wear leggings or shorts with a T-shirt. Then I add a sugar Lulu product as an accessory it makes the whole outfit looked better!
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite movie is High Strung but Everything Everything is a close second!
Favorite Book(s): My favorite books are the Harry Potter series. Once I start reading I can’t stop!
Favorite Food(s): My favorite foods are either tacos which my mom makes or Japanese food which my dad makes.
Favorite Dessert(s): My favorite dessert is Smore’s, especially when you roast them with friends or family!
Favorite Color(s): My favorite color is blue because that is the color of the water in Turks and Caicos.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: I would describe myself as outgoing, determined, and caring.
Anything Else: I have two sisters who I absolutely love!

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