Meet Alysa

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Name: Alysa
Likes: Pizza, Dancing, Dogs, Singing, gymnastics,
Hobbies and Activities: Dancing, singing, tumbling, modeling, love to write in my journal
Pets: My dog Max, the Shiba Inu Prince!
Describe your Room: Pink cheetah
Describe your Style: Sporty, love Adidas and Nike, but also gurlie, love shirts and dresses
Favorite Movie(s): The game plan, the pacifier, a dogs purpose
Favorite Book(s): a dogs purpose, dork diaries
Favorite Food(s): Pizza!
Favorite Dessert(s): Anything with chocolate
Favorite Color(s): Pink, black,
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Sweet, Sassy, Silly
Anything Else: I would love this opportunity. I promise to work very hard! I love to make dance videos! I can make some for you!

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