Meet Anna

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Name: Anna
Likes: I love school and I love my friends
I love my family, my sister is my best friend
I love the beach
Hobbies and Activities: Dance
Art and drawing
Making musical.lys
Riding my bike
Playing with my sister
American girl dolls
Watching HGTV
Pets: Dog, Rosie
Describe your Room: I share my room with my sister and our room is our favorite place!!
We have our dollhoises there and a section of the room is set up for our American girl dolls. My bed is set up with all of my Disney stuffed animals and a special comfy corner for reading. My favorite part is the bay window my sister and I set up to talk. When something is bothering one of us we have “bay window time” to talk it out
Describe your Style: My style is to combine different styles together that usually aren’t! Like a cute dress with converse or jean shorts with tights and a sweater
Favorite Movie(s): All Disney movies!!!!
Favorite Book(s): Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Harry Potter
American Girl books
Favorite Food(s): Bagels and cream cheese
Chicken fingers
Macaroni and cheese
Mozzarella sticks
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate chip cookies and brownies!!!!
Favorite Color(s): Mint green
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Kind

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