Meet Ava B

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Name: Ava B
Likes: I like helping those in need. I love volunteering in my community. I love school and I am an avid reader. I believe education is key and then you can kick back and have fun on the weekends.
Hobbies and Activities: I love to sing, act, create youtube videos, read, write, make musically’s, and roller skate with my friends.
Pets: I have a cute dwarf bunny named Bun-Bun
Describe your Room: My room is a cozy haven for me to escape and read, write or create youtube videos. The walls are seafoam greenish/blue. My favorite color because it reminds me of a vacation. The accents are shabby chic and I love my photos and mini glowing lights. I really love my room.
Describe your Style: My personal style ranges from day to day. Sometimes I feel like dressing really girlie and other days I like dressing sporty. I love when I have a big event because I love to pick something fun and inspiring for that event. I always think it is fun to reinvent one self for the day, or moment.
Favorite Movie(s): Finding Nemo and then Finding Dory
Favorite Book(s): I am an avid reader and read at least 1-2 books a week. I could not pick just one book to be a favorite. Anything by Rick Riordan is a favorite as well as Jay Asher.
Favorite Food(s): My favorite is steak with mashed potatoes, but my mom makes this amazing smoked sausage dish with corn and potatoes that is my ultimate favorite!
Favorite Dessert(s): I think the poozkie from BJ’s is the best! YUM!
Favorite Color(s): seafoam green, aquamarine and pink!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: motivated, easy-going, hardworking
Anything Else: I also love having fun!

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