Meet Britten

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Name: Britten
Likes: My likes include; Music, writing, all things sugary, chocolate, ice cream, clothes, shoes, animals, nature, coffee, tea, fruit, sunsets, plays, books, makeup, and so so much more!
Hobbies and Activities: My hobbies and activities include; singing, modeling, acting, writing, shopping, photography, video editing, recording, dancing, exploring, reading, running, exercising, and so so much more!
Pets: I have a adorable teacup chihuahua named Tika!
Describe your Room: My room is light, sophisticated, and warm. My walls are taupe, I have a grey wash wood and apholstered bed with cream bedding. On my bed I have real fur pillows in taupe, cream, and dusty rose and a cream fur throw. There is an adorable dresser on the left side of my bed with a mirror above it and a fur rug below it. On the other side of my room is an apholstered bench with taupe, cream, and dusty rose fur pillows as well. Surrounding the bench is my recording equipment, amplifiers, microphones, speakers, laptops, computers, ring lights, sound shields, lighting systems, and camera on a camera stand. Hanging over my bed I have a pennant light/chandelier.
Describe your Style: I would describe my style as extremely different from everyone else. A mixture of edgy and bohemian come together to create my everyday looks. My style is so entirely unique, that it’s almost impossible to find words to describe it! I mainly model my style off of the brand “Free People”, which is where I buy almost all of my clothes!
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite movies are “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, “A Walk to Remember”, “Me Before You”, “Titanic”, “If I Stay”, “The Hunger Games(series)”, and my all time favorite is “La La Land”!
Favorite Book(s): My favorite books are “Looking for Alaska”, “The Diary of an Oxygen Theif”, “Thirteen Reasons Why”.
Favorite Food(s): My favorite foods are fruit and vegetables ( I am a vegetarian hehe), rice, mashed potatoes, salad, and coffee (if that counts as food hehe)!
Favorite Dessert(s): My favorite desserts are all things sugary, ice cream, CHOCOLATE, carrot cake, cotton candy, churros, candy, Oreos, brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake, cake, mochi, marshmallows, and cookies!
Favorite Color(s): My favorite colors are green, blue, and yellow!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Genuine, unique, and effervescent.
Anything Else: I am extremely humble and grateful to be living such a beautiful life. Humility captivates every part of me. I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.

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