Meet Carly

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Name: Carly
Likes: fashion, creating, friends, the beach, dessert, traveling, books, shopping
Hobbies and Activities: I love to create and inspire through dance. It’s my passion to be able to tell a story through dance. I also love to create through art, crafts and making putty/slime with friends. I also do mixed martial arts, swim, horseback ride, run, and gymnastics.
Pets: A sable colored yorkie puppy named Cali and a corn snake snake coral
Describe your Room: My room has cream colored walls so I can change my décor a lot. I have lots of inspirational pictures and signs on my walls. I have a hanging pod that I can hide away in and read a book or my ipad or sneak in a nap. I have a lot of fuzzy pillows so I can sit back and feel like I’m in a cloud. The best part of my room is my closet. I keep my treasure in there in pretty bins and keep a lot of my trophies there. I have a table and chairs and me and my friends make creations.
Describe your Style: I have lots of styles. I love to feel pretty in dresses with matching accessories. I am also athletic so I love to wear yoga and track pants and cute sneakers. I am sassy and like to throw a flannel around my waist with jeans and boots. Another reason I love my closet!
Favorite Movie(s): A Dog’s Purpose – I cried holding my puppy through the whole movie
And any Disney Princess movie. You’re never too old to sit down and watch Cinderella!
Favorite Book(s): Wonder is my favorite book and I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I just got the Descendants series which is good so far.
Favorite Food(s): Cheese quesadillas – Yum!
I love chicken and pizza too.
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice Cream – any kind! I love anything home baked, especially if I get to bake it!
Favorite Color(s): All shades of blue, teal is the best!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Kindhearted, Energetic, Sassy
Anything Else: I love people and try to make friends wherever I go. I love that dance has helped me have friends all over the world. I have a couple musically accounts that I’m trying to merge and can share. I also plan to make a youtube account.

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