Meet Courtney

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Name: Courtney
Likes: cats
Hobbies and Activities: Dance, dance and more dance

I love to travel as well. and I can always enjoy sitting down to read a good book.
Pets: 1 Cat
2 Hermit Crabs
Describe your Room: My room is yellow and grey. I have lots of plaque on the walls and trophies on the dressers from all my dance competitions and conventions. I also have a lot of books on my head board.
Describe your Style: My style is unique. I like to put my own style together. I don’t care if it’s not what everyone else is wearing. I want to be ME!
Favorite Movie(s): The Fault in Our Stars
The Outsiders
Save the Last Dance
Favorite Book(s): The Maze Runner
The Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Food(s): Pizza
Mac n Cheese
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream
Favorite Color(s): Yellow
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Unique
Anything Else: I am a carefree, go lucky girl and I am enjoying my ride that I am on called life.

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