Meet Destiney

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Name: Destiney
Likes: Love Animals, Emoji Lover, Spending time with my friends, Love being outdoors, Love Adventure, and I love to be crafty.
Hobbies and Activities: I Love Dance! Competitive Dance and Tumbling are my Activities!!
Pets: I love all animals! I have a little puppy named Baby! She is spoiled and extremely hyper! She loves to give kisses and has to always have my attention.
Describe your Room: My room is PINK! I have tons of emojis all around my room and did I mention lots of pink! I love my room! I decorated and choose all my things so it’s definitely has my personality and style in every piece!
Describe your Style: My style is unique! I like to be different! I don’t just dress or wear things that are in style! I create my own! I feel the more different you are the more you stand out!
Favorite Movie(s): Radio Girl, BFG, Finding Dory, Diary of a wimpy kid, I love all Disney Channel Movies, Bad Hair Day, etc…
Favorite Book(s): I love my Diary of a wimpy kid books
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Hot Dogs, Vegetables, Fruits, and Waffles.
Favorite Dessert(s): I love chocolate!!!!! Chocolate Anything!
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Purple
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Dedicated

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