Meet DeVynn

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Name: DeVynn
Likes: Dance, fashion, fitness and fun!
Hobbies and Activities: Dance, acting, modeling, reading and traveling.
Pets: A mini yorkie named Gucci!
Describe your Room: Mint green, black and white with a loft bed and fun pillows.
Describe your Style: I love acccessories, prints and fun colors. I dance a lot so I live in leggings!
Favorite Movie(s): Sing
Favorite Book(s): Anne of Green Gables Collection and the Ramona Collection.
Favorite Food(s): PIZZA!!!
Favorite Dessert(s): Cheesecake
Favorite Color(s): Mint green
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Funny, talented and kind.
Anything Else: Thank you for considering me!

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