Meet Hailey

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Name: Hailey
Likes: I just turned 13 and I like/love everything girly! Fashion, makeup, jewelry, and shoes to name a few. I like getting together with friends and I like to be social! Most everything I do ends up on Snapchat or Instagram.
Hobbies and Activities: I am a competitive dancer, I travel all over to compete at most dance conventions. I made my jr. high cheerleading team and I also love to model.
Pets: I have a Japanese Akita dog. He looks like a wolf but is a sweetheart. We love him so much we might be getting his half brother!-
Describe your Room: I just remodeled my bedroom. It’s golden beige with white trim. I have natural wood furniture with a rustic wood accent wall. I have pale pink and faux fur accent pillows. My drapes and bedspread are white linen. All my frames are wall accents are gold. I love it, sophisticated chic and girly.
Describe your Style: I have many styles. I love to model which has expanded my wardrobe quite a bit. My favorite is a boho chic look, but my go to is an athleisure look which works with my dance life. I love getting dressed up and wearing heels and jewelry for special occasions. But most of the time you will see me wearing skinny jeans, a cute tee and my vans.
Favorite Movie(s): Pitch perfect, Bring it on, the notebook, Cinderella story
Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games
Favorite Food(s): Sushi, Fruit, pho’, lasagna, and any Mexican food
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream
Favorite Color(s): Teal
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Smart, dedicated, kind

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