Meet Harbor

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Name: Harbor
Likes: dance, soccer, boating and fishing, school, friends and family, making slime, boogie boarding and surfing, gymnatics and tumbling, photo shoots and taking pictures, shopping, traveling and hanging out with my family
Hobbies and Activities: I am a passionate slimeoligist. I like making you tube videos and videos. I love going on our boat and fishing with my dad. I am into handball right now and I love the beach.
Pets: no, but I REAALLY want a dog!! I beg!
Describe your Room: Shabby Chic meets Bohemian chic style and Beachy. My walls are full of motivational signs and pictures. Dream catchers, chandelier, boas, mermaids, lots of pillows on my bed
Describe your Style: I am a beach girl at heart. I wear lots of surf clothes when Im not in my favorite dance wear. I love to dress up when I can and wear heels and lippy
Favorite Movie(s): Power Rangers and Moana
Favorite Book(s): my kids bible
Favorite Food(s): butter and parm pasta and steak
Favorite Dessert(s): cookie dough and Smores
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Gold
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Confident, Sassy, Loving
Anything Else: I’d love to represent you, please check me out on my instagram @harborlovey 🙂
Thank you!

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