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Name: Kambry
Likes: I like to travel and go on new adventures. My list is: Paris, London, New York and the Egypt. The only one left is Egypt so I will need to keep adding to it. I also like to be with my friends and swim in our pool:)
Hobbies and Activities: My hobbies are dancing and tumbling. I have been a competitive dancer for 6years and tumbled for 5. I love learning, traveling with my team and working with my teachers.
Pets: I have one pet: She is a micro mini yorkie that weighs 2 lbs. Her name is Ruby and love her.
Describe your Room: My room describes me. It tells my story of where I’ve been with souvenirs. My trophies and crowns from all my solo competitions and medals for team competitions. There are also a lot of stuffed animals and pillows as I love to have a fun, playful room.
Describe your Style: I love all styles, but do like to be a bit of a girly girl. I like my dresses and bows and make sure that I accessorize whenever needed. Fluffy and fun:) I like to add things to my bags and have the coolest glasses around.
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite move is the new Beauty and the Beast, but also trolls. I love how fun it is and I get to sing along.
Favorite Book(s): Favorite books are my American girl books. Love reading them.
Favorite Food(s): Broccoli, this may seem strange, but love it with a little cheese on it. Also, Mexican food.
Favorite Dessert(s): Cheese cake. Love going to the cheesecake factory and .picking out a new flavor to try
Favorite Color(s): Tiffany Blue, Silver, Coral and Hot Pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, Spunky and outgoing
Anything Else: I would love to be a sugar lulu girl.

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  1. Love this sweet and beautiful girl! She is SO amazing!!

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