Meet Kamryn

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Name: Kamryn
Likes: Cheer, Tumbling, Dance, Modeling, Singing, Volleyball
Hobbies and Activities: All-Star Cheer, Community Service
Pets: None….yet.
Describe your Room: My room is the perfect spot for a girl hang out!! I have a spot to work on the latest hairstyles on my dolls, a seating area for reading or Facetiming my friends, and a princess pad to rest after a long day of activity.
Describe your Style: My style is laid back and athletic. When I’m at the school or gym I wear leggings or shorts with a crop or tee with my curly hair down or in a bun. When I need to go glam, I like to wear something long and flowy with ballet slippers.
Favorite Movie(s): A Cinderella Story
Favorite Book(s): Diary of A Wimpee Kid
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Favorite Food(s): Grilled Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice Cream
Favorite Color(s): Blue….always blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Funny
Anything Else: I LOVE Sugar Lulu products and I’d love to be a part of helping spread the word about all things Sugar Lulu.

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