Meet Lexie

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Name: Lexie
Likes: I like the color teal, yellow foods, and superheroes. I like taking walks on the beach, swimming, and spending time with family and friends.
Hobbies and Activities: I spend most of my time dancing but I also perform in community theatre and play the piano. I’ve recently taken a sewing class which is pretty fun, I enjoy cooking and I love watching The Flash.
Pets: Mom says we are too busy for pets.
Describe your Room: My room is small with rainbow walls and white furniture.
Describe your Style: I’m pretty colorful and love all things that sparkle!
Favorite Movie(s): This is going to sound crazy but my favorite movies are the Jason Bourne series!
Favorite Book(s): My favorite book is the My Sister is a Vampire series! So good!
Favorite Food(s): My favorite food is baked potatoes.
Favorite Dessert(s): My favorite dessert is apple pie.
Favorite Color(s): My favorite color is teal.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Energetic! Motivated! Loving!

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