Meet Ambrielle

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Name: Ambrielle
Likes: Sportswear, modeling, shoes, running, biking, riding my scooter, rock climbing at the YMCA, swimming, paddle boarding, jumping on my trampoline, and listening to music with my friends or alone. Halloween and Christmas are my fav holidays!
Hobbies and Activities: I love art, school, summertime, doing anything outdoors, and exercising. I participate in Girls On The Run & ran my first 5k in 2017. I’m fast! I love to stretch, do the splits and do cartwheels! I’m participating in Little Toasters this year. .
Pets: Two dogs: Boots?š and Shaney?š #doglover
Describe your Room: It’s big, bright pink & bright purple with shades of lavender blue & white! Very girly & pretty! My curtains are pink and purple. A wall is painted lavender. My carpet is light tan. I have a glass dresser & lots of Emoji throw pillows.
Describe your Style: Sporty! Trendy! #Coolstyle
Favorite Movie(s): Suicide Squad & High School Musical 1 & 2. I like Girl Meets World, TV series.
Favorite Book(s): Land of Stories. I’m on book 4
Favorite Food(s): Favorite snack: I love dried seaweed, red licorice, fresh infused water & frozen yogurt with fruit, and candy toppings, of course. Chinese food is my favorite!
Favorite Dessert(s): Frozen yogurt definitely!
Favorite Color(s): I love to wear black an pretty colors!
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Tall, energetic, model
Anything Else: I was featured in Wild Child Magazine July Issue. 2017. I’m a twin, but my bro is 6″ shorter than me. I got the tall genes. I’m 9 1/2 and as tall as 12 yr old girls! I love your clothes & hope to be picked! Yeah!

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