Meet Nyvia

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Name: Nyvia
Likes: Pizza traveling cheer extreme ssx and school
Hobbies and Activities: Cheer ballet violin and going to amusement parks with my family
Describe your Room: Me and my sister nylonnie have all of are champions necklaces hanging in one corner are vanity in the another pink purple and black with a little sparkle
Describe your Style: Young hip and fun
Favorite Movie(s): Home alone and polar express
Favorite Book(s): James and the giant peach
Favorite Food(s): Pizza and orange chicken
Favorite Dessert(s): Red velvet cake
Favorite Color(s): Pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Short beautiful sassy
Anything Else: Thank you

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  1. I absolutely love the new layout I think all of the SugarLulu customers will love it.

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