Meet Olivia

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Name: Olivia
Likes: Dance, Dance, and Dance. I also love tennis shoes. My dog MAX!! He’s the best. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I love running and all outdoor activities especially sports. I don’t get to play them that often but i love them still. As well as the fact that it keeps my stamina better.
Hobbies and Activities: Obviously dance. I am running for student government. So I am very excited about that. I also went to a Spanish emmersion school from K-5th grade so I speak spanish even though no one else in my family does.
Pets: YES!!!!!! I love this one. I have two dogs an english bull dog named Otis and a boxer named Max. Max is like my best friend. He is the best dog ever!!!!!! I also love my dog Otis and i have had him since I was 2! Even though sometimes he is very grouchy!
Describe your Room: My room is super girly. My mom bought my dressers from a thrift store and we painted them black. We also bought my desk from a thrift store and we painted it tiffany blue. Its super cute. Also my room is filled with dance pictures, Trophies and people who inspire me.
Describe your Style: I love skinny jeans, jackets, and scarfs. I also love to wear tennis shoes and nike hats with some fablous earrings.
Favorite Movie(s): Well, I don’t get to watch much TV. I’ve never been able to watch it during the week since I was in kindergarten. But I would say that I love Moana because I think she is strong and determined and she looks like ME!!
Favorite Book(s): El Deabo because it talks about being different and still being respected, and going through hard times. While standing strong. Its also written in Spanish!!!
Favorite Food(s): Steak, Crawfish, Mussels my mom said I will have to make a lot of money or find a rich husband because I have expensive taste in food.
Favorite Dessert(s): Brownies!!!!
Favorite Color(s): Red, gold, black, and white
Three Words to Describe Yourself: confident, well spoken, beautiful
Anything Else: I LOVE the Lord!!! He is my favorite person ever and i love his story. My relationship with God is something that I cherish and love to share! I think it is always great to have the reminder that everything we do is for THE ONE! I’m so very thankful for everything I have and the Talent that God gave me! Without it i don’t know who I would be !

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