Meet Rihley

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Name: Rihley
Likes: Dance currently trying out for Co at my Studio & Slime currently obsessed with it I have s Slime station set up in my bedroom
Hobbies and Activities: Helping run clothing boutique, dancing , creating new Slime. Love going to church and the beach hanging out at beach with friends and reading
Pets: Love pets. My dog passed away about 2 years ago and taking it easy since
Describe your Room: Pink black Breakfast at Tiffanys theme.
Describe your Style: Classic, elegant, Boho . I’m like a chame I like to change it up
Favorite Movie(s): The sandlot, cortina corina
Favorite Food(s): BBQ chicken Pizza
Favorite Dessert(s): Yogurtland
Favorite Color(s): Pink all shades
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Kind, giving, the one that always helps . All I do is laugh it’s the best medicine , sometimes I crack myself up
Anything Else: I’d love to be on the team

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