Meet Sarah

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Name: Sarah
Likes: Dance — always in the studio and out
Traveling/ meeting new people
Hobbies and Activities: Dance – dance – dance
listening to music
watching reruns of Dance TV shows
Pets: Her Red Labradoodle Reese
Describe your Room: Black/white and pink — but I am ready for a change…I’m asking my mom to remove the pink and throw in teal.
Describe your Style: At home – comfy shorts and t or hoodie
Going out – stretchy ripped jeans and cute shirt
Fancy – 2 piece skirt and top or one piece dress with some flair

and always accessorize!
Favorite Movie(s): The Princess Diaries
Beauty and the Beast (especially watching with my mom)
Favorite Book(s): ehhhh — well — my Mom makes me read, so whatever I need to read to keep her and my teachers happy 😉
Favorite Food(s): Mac n Cheese/ Steamed white rice/ Cantaloupe
Favorite Dessert(s): Vanilla Ice Cream
Oreo Cheesecake
Favorite Color(s): Teal
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Determined
Anything Else: We are all on a journey, no matter where you, do your best, encourage one another and remember to love and spread kindness. #onajourney #goingsomewhere

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