Meet Seedel

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Name: Seedel
Likes: To read Nancy Drew books. Make poets, and to try new DIY’s
Hobbies and Activities: Play Keyboard, Sing, Dance, and Writing new Songs
Describe your Room: I like my room to look vintage,very artistic but yet still my style. I cant say there’s one particular color in my entire room. Its just like music add in little colors to your lyrics and you’ll see what will happen.
Describe your Style: I like to dress classy, Very colorful. Though my dressing goes by the weather, mood and day.
Favorite Movie(s): Ahhh i love the Hunger Games its so good. It reminds me of Pride & Prejudice but more edgier instead of them wearing dresses all the time.
Favorite Book(s): Favorite Books are Nancy Drew. I love to read but i cant make up my mind.
Favorite Food(s): Beans, and Pizza.
Favorite Dessert(s): Cupcakes, Smoothies (if you consider that), and Chocolate!
Favorite Color(s): Purple, Pink, Baby Pink,White,and Yellow.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Artistic , Imaginative, and Outgoing.
Anything Else: For some reason i like to make my bed, Its fun!

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