Meet Nya

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Name: Nya
Likes:Dancing, volunteering to help autistic kids, singing in the shower. Bubble gum and things that sparkle. Spending time with my brother. Silly jokes, love dancing in grocery stores it drives my Mom crazy. Assisting in dance class I help teach 4 classes. Finding my own fashion style.
Hobbies and Activities: Dance, jazz,hip hop, lyrical, ballet. I love animated films, swimming, playing in the park, going to church. I’m a very active kid. I roller skate and bike ride.
Pets: 2 dogs waffle and Bacon- yes I really named them that. We found them from a rescue shelter and I couldn’t rename them because I loved it.
Describe your Room: Very very purple very girly. Not incredibly clean. I like clothes so much they end up everywhere. I try to keep it clean but self expression takes over.
Describe your Style: Kind of an urban/boho look. I’m a hip hop dancer so I sometimes like the ripped jeans and edgy look but I also have very girly days. I can’t live without a bow in my hair. I will probably wear them into college. My socks never match. I started mismatching them when I was 3 and it’s become my own style. When my socks match I’m in a bad mood. :0)
Favorite Movie(s): Spirited away, Kiki’s delivery service, Wonder Woman, big hero 6, ponyo.
Favorite Book(S): Comic books: avatar the last air bender, any how to books on how to build or do things, American girl books both the series and the how to books.
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, donuts, and fruit. My Mom loves to make healthy food so that mostly what I eat.
Favorite Dessert(s): I love any kind of candy
Favorite Color(s): I like color so many colors: turquoise, mint, unicorn colors I can’t pick one.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Caring, active, beautiful inside.

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