Meet Mia D

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Likes:  Dance is #1 then soccer my newest sport

Hobbies and Activities: Dance of course, swimming and hanging with my friends

Pets: I have a puppy named Bailey and she’s so bad !!

Describe your Room: My room has a black and white stripe wall and then light pink walls

Describe your Style: My style is fun, carefree,  and sometimes sporty depends on my mood

Favorite Movie(s): The greatest showmen!!

Favorite Book(s): Hmmm I don’t really have a favorite book

Favorite Food(s): Sushi especially tuna and almost every fruit. oh wait BACON!!!

Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream, popsicles, and brownies

Favorite Color(s): They always change right now though I have been loving yellow

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Sweet, sassy, and superclassy

Anything Else: Sugar Lulu has been such an important part of my life helping me gain confidence and realize my individuality.

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