Meet Marissa

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Likes: Dancing, Modeling, hanging out with my friend, meeting new people through social media and while traveling with my dance team
Hobbies and Activities: Baking, crafts, Shopping, jumping on the trampoline and dance of course
Pets: Dog – Koda 2 cats Ashes and Celia
Describe your Room: Fun like me with a pick bedspread and tons of pillows 2 walls are Pink 2 walls are blue and the carpet is purple I have a loft bed from Ikea that has a built in desk with shelves and wardrobe and cork board
Describe your Style: Cute, trendy, and comfy
Dance – legging, shorts, hoodies, tanks and tees, sports bras
School – jegging, sweaters, ripped jeans, tops boots or nikes
Favorite Movie(s): Guardian’s of the Galaxy 1 and 2,  Live Action,  Beauty and the Beast, Avengers, Finding Dory
Favorite Book(s): The Ghost of Graylock
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Ribs and Steak
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cheesecake Bites
Favorite Color(s): Pink, Blue and Purple -lick my Room 😍
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun-loving, Goofy and loyal

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