Meet Trisha

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Likes: Dancing and Modeling

Hobbies and Activities: Dancing, drawing, cooking, video-editing, acrobatics and swimming

Pets: Dog (a puggle), Tucker; Beta fish, Samson; outside pond Koi

Describe your Room: Light pink walls, dance-themed, and contemporary Glam style

Describe your Style: Colorful minimalist

Favorite Movie(s): Too many to choose from

Favorite Book(s): Frozen Charlotte and many more

Favorite Food(s): dill pickles, pasta, salt and vinegar chips, buffalo wings with ranch, and pickled eggs

Favorite Dessert(s): cheesecake

Favorite Color(s): pink, but also like blue, yellow and purple

Three Words to Describe Yourself: kind, friendly and empathetic

Anything Else: For my birthday I ask for donations to different organizations in place of presents.  I am in the National Junior Honor Society. I love giraffes.  I love Stranger Things.

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