Meet Riley

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Likes: Singing, dancing,  gymnastics and animals.. 

Hobbies and Activities: Soccer, baking, 

Pets: 2 Dogs Kole and Kayla 

Describe your Room: I have a purple room and it’s full of music: keyboard, guitars, and speakers for my phone

Describe your Style: super casual t-shirts and jeans.. 

Favorite Movie(s): The Greatest Showman

Favorite Book(s): The Testing Series

Favorite Food(s): Chicken Pot Pie 

Favorite Dessert(s): Confetti Cake 

Favorite Color(s): Turquoise and aquamarine 

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Adventurist, funny, and kind.. 

Anything Else: I’m a super Liza Koshy fan… 

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