Meet Jazmyn

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Likes: I like several things such as doing gymnastics, dancing, playing basketball, making slime, inventing things, acting, modeling, shopping, singing, playing the piano, making arts and crafts, making bracelets, getting my hair and nails done. I also like reading, writing and math.
Hobbies and Activities: I have several hobbies and activities that I like to do like gymnastics, dance, shopping, cleaning, cooking, inventing, reading, writing and organizing things.
Pets: I have only one hamster pet and we named him Brutus Ivan. My dad picked the name Brutus and I picked Ivan.
Describe your Room: My room is a fun room. I have posters all over the place. It is messy because I forget to clean it. We have bunked beds so I sleep on the bottom while my brother sleeps on the top bed.
Describe your Style: My style is fashionable, I like to wear jeans with a cute top. I also like to wear a lot of tights since I am always dancing or doing some type of exercise so I need to feel comfortable. I also love wearing sneakers.
Favorite Movie(s): My favorite movies are Descendants 1 and 2, Ella Enchanted, What Happened to Monday, Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther and Cinderella.
Favorite Book(s): My favorite books are Witch Wars, Lunch Money and Judy Blume books
Favorite Food(s): My favorite foods are pasta, chicken, BBQ ribs, spinach with chips, broccoli, grapes, strawberries, raisin bread, tomatoes and rice.
Favorite Dessert(s): My favorite desserts are chocolate cake, chocolate donut, chocolate ice cream, chocolate everything!!!!!!!
Favorite Color(s): My favorite colors are pink and baby blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: I would describe myself as unique, funny and intelligent.
Anything Else: I get good grades as school, my favorite shows are Andi Mack, Bunk’d, Raven’s Home and Stuck in the Middle. I have one older brother. I also have lots of hair. I love to write. My favorite songs are New Rules, Friends, Scars To Your Beautiful. I am also really good at drawing.

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