Meet Lexia

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Likes: I am 11 years old and I like to Model and play competitive tennis.
Hobbies and Activities: Some hobbies and activities that I like to do are dance, read and play sports.
Pets: I have two black and white rescue cats named Luna and Dusk. They are brother and sister and are so cute!
Describe your Room: My room has giant hand painted murals of different animals like a family of ducks, frogs, bears, and even a lion! It’s yellow and green. My room also has a crystal chandelier that hangs right next to my bed and beneath it is a pink fluffy rug. My favorite part of my room is my walk-in closet with all different styles of clothes.
Describe your Style: I would say that my style is Sporty-Chic, but I also enjoy getting dressed up for special occasions.
Favorite Movie(s): I love a lot of movies but a few of my favorites are Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Into the woods, and Sleeping Beauty.
Favorite Book(s):Some of my favorite books are Hunger Games book one, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Land of Stories book 3.
Favorite Food(s): My favorite food is rice and beans. I love Mexican food!!
Favorite Dessert(s): I am a sweets girl and I love desserts. A few of my favorites include Caramel gelato, Chocolate Chip cookie pie with vanilla ice cream on top and vanilla cake with chocolate fudge.
Favorite Color(s): I love bright colors so my favorite are teal and orange.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Three words to describe myself are smart, sporty, and adventurous.


20 thoughts on “Meet Lexia

  1. Lexia, you are so talented. I’m genuinely happy for you! Oh, and I love Hunger Games too!

  2. yayyy lexia is sooo amazing! what’s your favorite set?!

  3. What is your dream vacation?

  4. Love this!! Lexia is awesome!!!

  5. You are so gorgeous Lexia, what do you enjoy most about being a model?

    1. What I enjoy most about being a Model is meeting so many awesome companies and getting to wear their beautiful clothes! I appreciate you for writing!

  6. Lexia,

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!!! You are absolutely amazing and So incredibly talented! ♥️

  7. Congrats Lexia!! So awesome!! I love Mexican food too and dessert!! Love Hannah

  8. Love Lexia so beautiful inside and out and always super sweet and suppprtive. Love her lots

    1. You ate such a great Sugar LuLu representative! How long have you modeled?

  9. Love this Lexia!! I LOVE Mexican food too so when I come to NY we will have to grab Mexican! ❤️ You are so beautiful and I’m so glad we are friends

    1. Yes!!! Your gorgeous too and I am also glad that we are friends. Have a good day!

  10. When did you start playing tennis?

    1. I started playing tennis when I was 4 years old! Thanks for writing!

  11. What is your favorite Sugar Lulu set!? I love them all!

    1. I love them all but the ones with blue definitely show off my eyes! Thank you so much for commenting!

  12. So beautiful Lexia! Love learning more about your personal life! Love, Lia

  13. Congratulations, very beautiful girl.

  14. Lexia is totally awesome. Love this girl.

    1. Thank you for all of the love and support Marley!!!

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