Meet Saylor

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Name: Saylor
Likes: I love to dance, model and hang out with my friends and eat ice cream!
I love summer time, sleepovers and going to the beach.  I love snowboarding, boating and going to football games!
Hobbies and Activities: I am a dancer, I love to snowboard, go boating, model and swim.  I also tumble and do gymnastics. I like to make slime and do crafty projects. I like to listen to music and choreograph dances.
Pets: I have a pet bunny named Grayford that I rescued one day from the park, no one came to claim him so now he is mine! He is so cute and he is a gray Lionhead bunny.
Describe your Room: my room is amazing! It is bright blue, mint and grey with a grey and white chevron wall, bright blue velvet headboard and a big bubble chandelier light hanging from my ceiling, my bedspread is white and I have a lot of accent bed pillows with lots of fun designs in blues and mint, I have a big shaggy rug and wood floors.
Describe your Style: I love cute t-shirts, leggings and skinny jeans, I love sports bras because I dance so much. I like to keep up on all the latest fun fashion styles.  I like pink lipsticks. I like to try new hairstyles but I wave or curl my hair the most.
Favorite Movie(s): I love movies that move me, like The Fault in our Stars, Marley and Me. But I also love scary movies too like Insidious and Jaws.
Favorite Food(s): Cheese quesadillas, Canadian bacon pizza, baked potatoes, French fries, chicken sandwiches, enchiladas, salad with ranch, Slim Jims.
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream, frozen yogurt, raspberry sorbet, snow cones, brownies, pay day candy bars, caramel milky ways.
Favorite Color(s): Blues, mint, turquoise, pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, happy, likeable

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  1. Yay Saylor!! You are such a great role model, thank you!! That’s cool you like to tumble, so do I! I loce making slime and doing crafts too!

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