Meet Ashlyn

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Likes: I love acting, modeling, dance, gymnastics, school, working on the sets, my animals. I have goats, chickens, horses and a donkey.
Hobbies and Activities: Drawing, painting, reading, playing with my friends, playing with my animals, taking pics.
Pets: Goats, chickens, horses, donkey, dog and cat
Describe your Room: It is like a princess room with a Paris bed spread and sheets. My favorite colors are blue and purple so my dad is getting ready to paint my room to those light colors. I have lots of horse statues.
Describe your Style: I’m fun and loving. I am dressy most of the time unless I’m working out for dance or gymnastics.
Favorite Movie(s): Descendants
Favorite Book(s): Zolie Zi, Horse books
Favorite Food(s): Chicken nuggets, Hamburgers, French fries, Corn dogs
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream
Favorite Color(s): Blue, Purple, Pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Helpful, Kind, Pretty
Anything Else:   I love to donate a lot.

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  1. I love your outfit Ashlyn!! I love dancing and drawing too!! I have a lot of Paris stuff in my room also!! I bet you have so much fun with your animals! Hannah

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