Meet JaeJae

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Name: JaeJae
Likes: Dance, singing, theater and fashion
Hobbies and Activities: Dance Dance Dance!! Oh and having fun with my friends
Pets: None at the moment
Describe your Room: My room is black, white, gold and ballet pink in color. I have a loft bed, ballet barre, dance turning board, workout equipment and lots of dance trophies 🏆
Describe your Style: My style is…. my own style, I love to dress causal, formal and spunky- really depends on the occasion. Dancewear is my favorite!
Favorite Movie(s): Annie, Grease, Dirty Dancing, and lots & lots of Disney classics
Favorite Book(s): Dear Dumb Diary
Favorite Food(s):  Pancakes 🥞 and pasta 🍝
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate cake 🍫
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, confident, determined

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