20 Things About Us

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20 things about Sugar Lulu

  • Sugar Lulu is a fashion lifestyle brand that inspires girls to express their style with sweet and chic activewear and accessories they can wear everyday.
  • Sugar Lulu was started by a mom and her 10 year old daughter
  • Sugar Lulu launched on Valentine’s Day 2013
  • Our staff can bring their dogs to work. We love animals!
  • Sugar Lulu’s favorite color is candy mint (turq) and raspberry (pink)
  • Sugar Lulu is sold in stores from Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom’s to gift and specialty boutiques all over the world.
  • Sugar Lulu started out making gift and specialty items, that included sleeping bags, games, DIY jewelry and so much more
  • Sugar Lulu loves all things pretty!
  • Sugar Lulu activewear is all about design and comfort with super cute prints that have a hint of sophistication and funky flair.
  • We are obsessed with creating fun prints!
  • Our apparel ranges from Sweet to Chic because we believe every girl has different moods and so should her style.
  • When we say SWEET it is not about being sweet like sugar, it is about SSSWWWEEEEET! Like cool, like so awesome! like LIT!
  • We are definitely modern vintage at heart
  • We value friendship and family time
  • Besides designing our prints, runway shows and fashion shoots are some of our fave things to work on
  • Sugar Lulu is proud to be building a community of girls who support each other
  • We feel it is important to give back to the community
  • Girls are part of everything we do and we are so fortunate to have such amazing parents and Sugar Lulu girls on our team!
  • We love collaborating and sharing ideas
  • We look forward to sharing this SWEETLIFE with you!

Draw My Life Video

Here is a little clip of how we began this sweet journey.

Sweet Pets – We Love Animals!

We LOVE animals!!  If you know us, and many of you do, you know we are crazy for our pets! We even allow dogs in our office, yes that’s right anyone can bring their dog to work! They make our workplace so much sweeter.

Our pets are so important to us we just had to dedicate an entire page to our Sugar Lulu girls and their pets. Check out all our girls and DM us if you would like a feature on our page. You may also send to the link below (please include your name, insta account name, pets name, tell us something special about your pet) and we will post you on our @sugarlulupets page ASAP. #SweetPets

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