Show off your sweetstyle this July 4th!!!

Who is ready for fireworks, barbecues and a whole lot of red, white and blue?! There is just SO much to love about the 4th of July… and it’s a chance to show off your own SWEET style!! Here at Sugar Lulu, we rounded up some of the coolest (and easiest) patriotic hair fashion ideas to help you get in the spirit. Braids, buns & ponytails… stars & stripes, fireworks… which is your fave?! We included links here for instructions – have fun trying these out! 

TRY THIS 3 MINUTE SCARF BRAID! It’s so easy and so cute!!

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3-Minute Scarf Braid | 4th of July Hairstyles

THIS RIBBON BRAID IS SO COOL! I mean, how SWEET is this?! 



Star braid here – 

FIREWORKS BUN AND PONYTAILS – made out of old t-shirts! 



Talk about WOW (and so easy)!


4th of July Star/Bun Combo – how fun is this?! 

Check it out here:

Happy, happy 4th of July, everyone… enjoy the festivities, food, fireworks, family time… and the FASHION – be YOU – you are FABULOUS!! 


Memorial Day Sweet Treats!!

Do it up totally SWEET this Memorial Day!! We’re loving these completely cute, super-easy red, white & blue treats… quick, simple & you’ll be the hit of the party!! Have a SWEET long weekend, everyone!!!Yummm!!! Grab a fun bucket, a styrofoam ball, and at least 40 lollipops and voila  – you’ve got the cutest gift to bring to the party!!  (Idea by Gluesticks blog)

Hop over to Party City to do it up Sugar Lulu style with a super-sweet candy buffet!!

I mean, how cute is this flag fruit plate?! A total WOW that will take you minutes to assemble… SWEET!! (Recipe from “Passion for Savings”)

Can you guess why we have lollipops on our mind 24/7?! We’re obsessed with our new Sweet Treat  collection & this adorable Sugar Lulu girl (@jaejae_dancing_diva)  CLICK HERE to see the entire Sweet Treat collection! 


Meet Essence

Name: Essence

Likes: Every color of the rainbow w/a hint of glitter, fashion, music, drawing and coloring.

Hobbies and Activities: Cheerleading, hunting, hiking, swimming, video games, modeling, fundraising for lymphoma & cervical cancer and family bonding time.

Pets: Two cats and a bearded dragon at the lake house and at my farm house… multiple goats, chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, hens, turkeys and 7 dogs

Describe your Room: My room.. bed spread is hot pink with zebra print. I have a make up center set up to video makeup tutorials. I have a 37″in. Flat screen TV over my dresser. I also have a pink and grey kitchen set up next to my wooden 3 story Barbie house. My doors are black and my walls are two different greys. I have my cheer awards and medals up, my dads art work framed over my bed with zebra hearts, a cheer bow wall and Flamingo lights.

Describe your Style: Depends on my mood. My normal mood would be: bright glitter and fancy dresses w/curly hair and full makeup on. If I’m running late or tired. My go to is Jean’s, boots, pony tail or mess bunn. And lipstick.

Favorite Movie(s): Currently my favorite movie is: Trolls, Book of Life and BFG.

Favorite Book(s): The Rainbow Fish and Ready player one

Favorite Food(s): Sushi, shrimp, noodles and pizza

Favorite Dessert(s): Anything with fresh fruit and dip

Favorite Color(s): Pink, Teal, Purple, Black, Silver and Yellow

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Motivated, Responsible and patient

Anything Else: Love the Brand!!

Meet Anis

Name: Anis

Likes: Art, School, Pools, the beach, amusement parks, water parks, holidays and spending time with my family!

Hobbies and Activities: Dance, Art (I love to draw), Piano, Singing, Crafting

Pets: My sister has a pet gecko, I guess that’s kinda the home pet.

Describe your Room: I share my room with my sister.  We have bunkbeds and the main colors are pink and dark brown. My bedding has butterflies, I love them!

Describe your Style: I love leggings, tank tops, hip-hop inspired, active wear and jeans…anything that will show my sassy side! For dressing events I love long maxi dresses!!!

Favorite Movie(s): Leap, Coco, Star Wars, The Greatest Showman (I’m always singing the songs) and Disney Channel Movies.

Favorite Book(s): Phoebe and the Unicorn, Audition by Maddie Ziegler, A Wrinkle in Time, Dorks Diaries…love books!!!

Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Hamburgers, Pasta, Peas, Salad, Bacon, Ham Sandwiches, Mac-n-cheese

Favorite Dessert(s): Ice Cream, Donuts, Cotton Candy and Fraps

Favorite Color(s): Teal, Aquamarine or Turquoise

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Friendly, Loving and Sassy!

Anything Else: I love to laugh!!!

Meet Sofia

Likes: Acting, drawing, playing video games, hanging out with my friends and helping others.

Hobbies and Activities:  I just started or will be starting vocal lessons and hip-hop dance lessons. I like taking improv acting classes. You will rarely catch me without a sketchpad somewhere nearby.  I started a charity called caroling for cans where we go door-to-door collecting canned goods for a local food bank while singing Christmas carols.  My friends and I put together a small YouTube videos.  We call ourselves Kids Can Film productions.

Pets:      I have two cats, Jamaica and Marley and an adorable Pomeranian named Phoenix, but we call her Fido for short.

Describe your Room:     My room is boho and eclectic. It is full of color and homemade nick-knacks.

Describe your Style:       My style depends upon my mood l. Some days I want to dress sporty, some days I want to look like a princess, some days I like wearing bohemian dresses and some days I just want to have a cool rocker vibe.

Favorite Movie(s): Troll.  Middle school the worst years of my life. Moana. The Lego Movie

Favorite Book(s): Seraphina and the Black Cloak. Ghosts. Sisters.

Favorite Food(s): Chicken fingers, pizza, spaghetti, fruit.

Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate cake!

Favorite Color(s): Mint. Blush. Bright yellow. Turquoise

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Happy. Helpful. Silly.

Meet Taylor-Lily

Likes:  Dancing, fashion, cats, rainbows, unicorns, bows, modeling, and making fun videos on the TikTok app.

Hobbies and Activities:  Dancing, jumping on my trampoline, acting, playing outside with friends, modeling, learning new acro skills to add to my dances, volunteering at church, making slime, making jewelry, doing crafts, playing with my cat, and hanging out with my brother when he is home from college.

Pets: Princess Buttercup is my cat, and I have two goldfish, Sparkles and Glitter.

Describe your Room: Pink with Paris decorations, unicorn/rainbow bedding, a pink mini fridge, TV, a pink fuzzy chair, and a poster my brother designed for me.

Describe your Style: Fashionista

Favorite Movie(s): Frozen and Star Wars

Favorite Book(s): Baby-Sitters Club

Favorite Food(s): Tacos, Cotton Candy Grapes, watermelon, beignets, Eggs Benedict, biscuits and gravy, and Honeycrisp Apples

Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate chip cookies, cotton candy ice cream, churros, macarons, and snickerdoodle cupcakes

Favorite Color(s): Pink is my favorite, but I also like purple, teal, yellow, blue, gold and silver!

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Funny. Fashionista. Creative.

Anything Else: I am so happy I found Sugar Lulu!  There are so many fun styles!

Meet Zoe

Likes: I love dance, martial arts, modeling, crafts, school, my friends, animals, and making memories with everyone I know
Hobbies and Activities: Dance,  martial arts and tumbling
Pets: I have two dogs, Benny and Chloe. Two cats, BooBoo and Gypsy. A Bird named Summer but we call him Fatty. And a rabbit named IHOP
Describe your Room: My room is colorful! My walls are a blue and my dresser is pink. Oh and my closest is pink too. I share my room with my sister so both of our beds are in there. There’s tons of pictures, stuff animals and  trophies.
Describe your Style: My style depends on my mood. I love fashion but all different types. So if I had to discribe it I’d have to say fashionable.
Favorite Movie(s): Omgoodness. My family loves movies! We have movie night twice a week. I couldn’t even begin to come up with just one favorite movie.
Favorite Book(s): I’m not a big reader.
Favorite Food(s): I love vegetables! And I LOVE salads. And I Love chicken Alfredo
Favorite Dessert(s): Strawberry shortcake! I love strawberry shortcake any way. Ice cream, milkshake cake form, any way.
Favorite Color(s): Pink! I am such a pink girl. But I do like purple  and turquoise and many other colors.
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, Smart and Determined

Meet JaeJae

Name: JaeJae
Likes: Dance, singing, theater and fashion
Hobbies and Activities: Dance Dance Dance!! Oh and having fun with my friends
Pets: None at the moment
Describe your Room: My room is black, white, gold and ballet pink in color. I have a loft bed, ballet barre, dance turning board, workout equipment and lots of dance trophies 🏆
Describe your Style: My style is…. my own style, I love to dress causal, formal and spunky- really depends on the occasion. Dancewear is my favorite!
Favorite Movie(s): Annie, Grease, Dirty Dancing, and lots & lots of Disney classics
Favorite Book(s): Dear Dumb Diary
Favorite Food(s):  Pancakes 🥞 and pasta 🍝
Favorite Dessert(s): Chocolate cake 🍫
Favorite Color(s): Pink and Blue
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, confident, determined

Meet Mia D

Likes:  Dance is #1 then soccer my newest sport

Hobbies and Activities: Dance of course, swimming and hanging with my friends

Pets: I have a puppy named Bailey and she’s so bad !!

Describe your Room: My room has a black and white stripe wall and then light pink walls

Describe your Style: My style is fun, carefree,  and sometimes sporty depends on my mood

Favorite Movie(s): The greatest showmen!!

Favorite Book(s): Hmmm I don’t really have a favorite book

Favorite Food(s): Sushi especially tuna and almost every fruit. oh wait BACON!!!

Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream, popsicles, and brownies

Favorite Color(s): They always change right now though I have been loving yellow

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Sweet, sassy, and super classy

Anything Else: Sugar Lulu has been such an important part of my life helping me gain confidence and realize my individuality.

Meet Saylor

Name: Saylor
Likes: I love to dance, model and hang out with my friends and eat ice cream!
I love summer time, sleepovers and going to the beach.  I love snowboarding, boating and going to football games!
Hobbies and Activities: I am a dancer, I love to snowboard, go boating, model and swim.  I also tumble and do gymnastics. I like to make slime and do crafty projects. I like to listen to music and choreograph dances.
Pets: I have a pet bunny named Grayford that I rescued one day from the park, no one came to claim him so now he is mine! He is so cute and he is a gray Lionhead bunny.
Describe your Room: my room is amazing! It is bright blue, mint and grey with a grey and white chevron wall, bright blue velvet headboard and a big bubble chandelier light hanging from my ceiling, my bedspread is white and I have a lot of accent bed pillows with lots of fun designs in blues and mint, I have a big shaggy rug and wood floors.
Describe your Style: I love cute t-shirts, leggings and skinny jeans, I love sports bras because I dance so much. I like to keep up on all the latest fun fashion styles.  I like pink lipsticks. I like to try new hairstyles but I wave or curl my hair the most.
Favorite Movie(s): I love movies that move me, like The Fault in our Stars, Marley and Me. But I also love scary movies too like Insidious and Jaws.
Favorite Food(s): Cheese quesadillas, Canadian bacon pizza, baked potatoes, French fries, chicken sandwiches, enchiladas, salad with ranch, Slim Jims.
Favorite Dessert(s): Ice cream, frozen yogurt, raspberry sorbet, snow cones, brownies, pay day candy bars, caramel milky ways.
Favorite Color(s): Blues, mint, turquoise, pink
Three Words to Describe Yourself: Fun, happy, likeable