Top Tips to Shoot a Video Haul

Hey girlies! One of the most fun parts about shopping is sharing what you’ve just scored. No wonder video hauls are one of our most favorite videos to watch. Want to get in on the action but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you with this post about the top tips to shoot a video haul.

One of the most important of the top tips to shoot a video haul includes keeping the video to  about 10 minutes long. It’s not necessary to be any longer because you might lose viewers‘ attention. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to worry about that while filming. Since we are sure you are super vid savvy, you can edit, cut, speed up, add graphics etc. later. So just keep rolling and worry about the timing after.

Show your package

The first top tip to shoot a video haul is to show off the package. Whether it’s a delivery on your doorstep or the most bomb “I’m def going to use this to hold my lunch tomorrow,” shopping bag, viewers want to see it. Tell them where your haul is from as you are displaying the packaging.

Set up staging spot

You are going to need space to spread out and either a full length mirror (for fashion) or a vanity mirror for makeup and hair.

Open your box

Keep the suspense up but not for too long. Make sure you’ve got the right materials–like a scissor or box cutter to open and unwrap. You can also take any tissue wrapped goods out of your bags at this point. All the while discuss why you like the brand or their products. Not only does this give viewers more info, but it might get you on the brand’s radar.

The Big Reveal

With a little dramatic effect–like music or close ups to your excited face–take out the first item to share. Lay it out, hold it up, try it on and take a spin around in it. For beauty or hair, show the package, the label, the tool (like the cute pink rollers here), or a dollop of squeeze of the product itself.

Continue with remaining items

Continue step 4 with remaining items, but since this is a post about the top tips to make a video haul, remember people are tuned in for a reason. They want the specifics of what you got, what  inspired you, what it looks like, how it works and more. So while showing off, sound off with all the info.

Share a code if you have

Mention any promo codes you know of and how long each is supposed to last. When you get enough followers, brands might even give you a code of your own to share!).

Come up with a catchy sign off

Can be short and sweet but be sure to tell peeps to follow you and then give them a hint at what’s to come next. That’s the best top tip to shoot a video haul–keep them coming back for more!

Galentine’s Day

Rebel Chic Small Glam Bag

St. Valentine’s Day is all about love, right? Well, who do you love more than your best friends? Instead of only thinking about boys this year, why not spend some time focusing on your girls and make this the best Galentine’s Day yet!

We’ve got some super sweet ideas that will show your friends just how much you care. And like always, planning, prepping and giving can be more fun than getting. Below we give you a bunch of fun ways to celebrate your Galentine’s Day and just how to make them happen.

Girls only party

Invite your bffs over for a super fun girls-only night, starting with a little something to eat and ending with a good old-fashioned slumber party. Do breakfast for dinner with heart shaped pancakes (use cookie cutters to “cut” out the shapes). And add festively red toppings like strawberries or colored sugar. Download an classic chick flick like High School Musical, one of the Pitch Perfect films or 13 Going on 30. Serve pink frosted cupcakes, pink lemonade and some mini chocolate hearts. Then cozy up in your favorite sleeping bags at bedtime. Perfect girls’ night in.

DIY gifts

Give your gal pals a little something to celebrate the day. The best–and least expensive way–is when you make the gifts yourself. It’s so fun and easy to do. We like heart or lip shaped soaps that are easy to make with just a few ingredients, bath balms or facials, friendship bracelets or eye masks you’ve dolled up yourself.

A few words

Sometimes the best gift of all is just a note to let your bffs know how much they mean to you. Take a pretty pieces of stationery or decorate a plain piece of paper yourself and either write a note straight from your heart or with some fun, festive and meaningful phrases sprinkled all over the page. We are thinking of phrases like girl time, best friends, love you, secrets, laughing, shopping, sleepovers, sweet times, all-nighters, sharing, caring…and more!

Just remember, no matter what you plan or do, that your Galentine’s Day can be the sweetest day of the year!


Fabulous finds for the holidays

Water Bottle - Mermaid Off Duty

Just like so many of you, we LOVE to shop, especially fabulous finds for the holidays! We’ve been teaming with our Sugar Lulu Girls lately for great ideas. And doing it a lot lately with other brands and artists we are totally into!  Now, not only are we bringing you the ah-mazing stuff we design and create but we also stuff from them. We are going to bring you some of our favorites and fabulous finds for the holidays from other fabulous designers we know and have met along the way. Because over the past few months we have discovered tons of oh-so-cute items. Guess what? We are making them available to you, our uber-trendy girls.

Cool Brands

Heard of Logo Loops, Ooly, Semaki & Bird, Slant, Squishable and Sunnylife? We thought so and if not, now you can be in the know! Because you can find some of their sweetest-ever stuff on Sugar Lulu. From rockin’ school supplies (you always need to replenish) to squishy decorative pillows to mugs (mermaids, donuts and unicorns!) and water bottles. There are also bow and infiniti earrings and more! Any of these items are must-have for your holiday wish list! They are also perf for bday gifts or holiday gifts for your friends and family. But they are in limited supply and because we are now not producing them all, it’s better to play it safe than sorry and order soon because we are not in complete control of the restock process.

Find fabulous finds for the holiday here

So check out our site and make your wish list—we’ve got new Sugar Lulu products and favorites being restocked plus the slew of those fabulous finds for the holidays we just mentioned. Hope you have a blast—and please let us know what you love and would like to see more of!

Halloween Party Planning 101

When everybody is planning their candy scoring route, you’re knee-deep in Halloween party planning 101. You are all about bringing the joys of trick-or-treating indoors for a festive celebration with your bffs.

Halloween Party Planning 101 Decor

Let’s start with décor. You must set out a jack-o-lantern or two on your front steps. That not only sets the tone, but tells guests they are in the right place. Take the time to carve them—look for tools and designs at your local pumpkin patch or market where you’ve purchased these orange orbs. Or check online for decorating ideas to make the most fabulous designs. Then get busy hanging any kind of skeletons or ghosts—you can make a boo-tastic one yourself with a pillow case and an oversized rubber band—and suspend them from clear fishing wire. And there’s so much more. Your style can also be part of the decor with Halloween inspired leggings and tops that get you in the spirit!

Halloween Party Planning 101 Activities

For activities, we’re fans of mini pumpkin decorating (so your friends can take theirs home), baking stations for coconut ghost macaroons, even good old-fashioned bobbing for apples. Just make sure you plan a few stations to keep your guests entertained. And make sure you’ve got the lights dimmed, some battery operated candles lit, monster mash music playing and, potentially, a movie like Transylvania or the Wizard of Oz projected on a wall.

Halloween Party Planning 101 Food

You can also get super creative with the food and drink you serve…anybody up for a little spaghetti and red sauce? Somehow it takes on a bit more gore and drama on this night. Or freeze blueberries in an ice tray with red and yellow food coloring, then serve them in a punch bowl for major googley eyes. Why serve any old hot dog in a bun? Slice out a sliver of the outer skin on the top of one side and make a few slices across the length of the hot dog—pour on a little ketchup in a bun to make it look like a bloody hot dog finger. It’s so yuck it’s yum!

Halloween Party Planning 101 The Candy!

The for the piece de resistance? The candy, of course. Take a hint from our favorite candy bars—varying heights and width of containers can hold everything from M&Ms and licorice bites (okay to have unwrapped candy at your house; just provide small plastic bags and scoopers) to the sought after traditional wrapped mini candy bars that friends would have had to walk the neighborhood for. Set it out but cover it with a piece of black velvet and do the final reveal at the end of the night.

The cutest new way to spend time with friends

They’re here, they’re here–the cutest new way to spend time with friends! Sharing is caring. Even through you’re supes busy with school and activities you can still find time to spend with your besties. The new uber on-trend Earbuds from Sugar Lulu are tiny furry pups with two sets of retractable ear buds.  You can chill to music or watch videos with your bff! Only questions? What playlist goes on first or what video will be the most funny to watch? Then there’s the burning question—do you choose purple or blue?!!! Either one will be fab for the cutest new way to spend time with friends.

Cutest New Way to Spend Time with Friends

These Earbuds are the perfect way to be connected with your girlies and be super stylish and have tons of fun while doing it. They are the best way to get your homework done or run your dance routine through your head. All the while swooning to Ed Sheeran’s new single, learning all the words to DJ Khaled’s latest song and sitting shoulder to shoulder with your fave gal pals. They promise to be all the rage, a blast and ideal for tons of insta inspiration. And they are just being released now!

Did You Know?

It takes almost a year to make a new product–from the first DREAM TANK brainstorm meetings with our Sugar Lulu Girls. We sort through and take the best idea. Then we work with our designers to create concept sketches. Next they create manufacturing drawings to show the factory how to make it. After that we design and write the copy for the package. Next it’s time for a photo shoot with our Sugar Lulu Girls for the package image, (one of our fave parts of the process), then manufacture and safety test, and then test again with our girls to make sure the final product passes their inspection for glam and fun (check out this pic of @janai_olive_rose_johnson @sisimorris @matty_nev and @officialalectra testing them out during a break from a shoot in NYC! Once approved we manufacture it, get it out to our Sugar Lulu Ambassadors to get the word out plus get it to stores and to you!! It’s a LONG LONG process but so much FUN!

Earbuds Rocking Social Media

Another way to show sharing is caring is by checking out how all your favorite Sugar Lulu girls are using them and then commenting your fave ways. Check us out on instagram—and see how much fun it is to use them!

Fashion For Philanthropy

Calling all fashionistas! We’re excited to tell you about the fashion for philanthropy fashion show we will be a part of November 4th. We’re teaming with KidFash Magazine and other cool brands. Plus we are psyched the event is being hosted by recording artist and star Vivian Hicks and actress/singer Ruby Jay.

Models and Tickets

Congrats to all our Sugar Lulu models who are joining us on the runway. We are so proud of you all! It’s not too late to buy tickets to come to the show if you are in NYC (it’s in uber-trendy Brooklyn btw). If you’re not able to be there in person, no worries. You can check out all of our feeds to see pics and hear stories. It’s fashion for philanthropy, after all, so we are sure there will be lots to hear and see!

Runway Fashion

We are also be introducing some new pieces to our lines (think tops, skirts and more leggings). And styling them in such cute ways so you will get tons of ideas for yourselves. For instance: to wear to school, after school and for weekend plans with friends and family. And, of course, that will look oh-so-good to post to your instagram feed! We will make them available on our site right after the show.

Anti-Bullying Purpose

While we are having such a blast pulling all of this all together, we are also thrilled to be involved with a project that gives back. Especially when it’s to a cause that promotes one of our core ideals–being kind. A quarter of the proceeds from the KidsFash Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour are being shared with Bullies Reality.  Bullies Reality is an anti-bullying organization that helps kids and families affected by bullying and educates others.

So check them–and us—out! See you on the runway!

Top Closet Pieces to Mix and Match

Making the most of your wardrobe means top closet pieces to mix and match that can turn just a few outfits into tons. Even if you have already done your back-to-school shopping, maybe you’ve picked up some styles that can go with this and that. Then, for when your budget and parents allow… here are a few more ideas for top closet pieces to mix and match.

Sporty white sneaks

A pair from brands like Adidas or Puma are super popular and, as a result, can go with a lot from cropped jeans to a denim skirt.

Vintage tops

Check out new tees from old school designers like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Or hit thrift stores for authentic finds. In addition, look for old/new flannels and a jean jacket too!

Denim mini skirt

Pair this with almost anything like your favorite tee or frilly top. Also strap on lace-up sandals or a pair of the aforementioned sporty white sneaks.

Frayed jeans

Straight leg, cropped or even a pair of flared, make sure you’ve got one pair with free flowing hems. To fray them yourself, trim off sewn hem and pull out strings. Toss them in the dryer to give the hems a lived-in look.

Velvet anything

Whether you go for a pair of pants or more subtle with a headband, velvet is all the rage and because you can wear one piece with so many outfits it’s a perfect mix and match piece.

Patterned fabric

Make your leggings make a statement or just the sleeves of your shirt. Then mix and match them with any basic top or bottom that makes them work.

It bag

Your ultimate school accessory is either your bag or backpack—since you’ve got it for books and pens or to tote after-school gear. Go for a backpack or duffel in velvet, shiny patent leather, mesh  or canvas covered in pins. Carry on, girls!

It’s a New School Year–Try Some New After School Activities Too

New (School) Year, New You…Well, it’s a new school year. That means new classes, new teachers, new classrooms and maybe some new friends too. So fun! While you’ve got all these new things happening this new school year, we say add one more! Test out never-before-tried activities that make you move add a balance to days filled with math and English.

Maybe there is something you want to get involved with but are hesitant because you were the lone chica. Or it’s that you don’t think you will be good at it. Or perhaps you had no idea what an activity truly entailed. No need to fret—we have the 411 on two of the most popular post-school pursuits so you can try to determine this new school year if any makes you feel like you want to try. Plus once you know just what you want, we bet others follow you. With this new determination, you’ll start out solo and meet a new bestie there in no time.


Even if all of your friends are big-time dance girls, you don’t know the difference between a ball change and thunder clap. Still, you want to dance this new school year? That’s super cool—it’s a great workout, mood lifter and so fun to move to the music. Then there are the cute clothes made just for flexibility. What’s more, there are a range of dance styles and classes to take, from jazz, to lyrical, ballet to hip hop, tap and more. Classes can be once a week or sometimes more and typically there is a recital at year end to show off all you know in a spectacular display of talent.

For girls who ultimately pursue dance big-time, there are dance companies—multiple classes at more advanced levels—to try out for and competition teams as well. But to start, sign up for just one style if you like—and give it a try.


This meditative activity is good for your mind and bod. It is a fabulous low key workout, stengthener and toner. The equipment (mats and outfits) are oh-so-cute and yoga is a perfect way to chill after a day of school or a stressful exchange with siblings or hormonal friends. Plus yoga has a language, moves and poses all it’s own—think downward dog, tree, frog, warrior, half moon and more—so every pose or mantra you master will make you feel majorly successful. Another benefit: Many yoga spots have healthy juice and smoothie bars on site or nearby. Yum.

Friend Top 10

We love to celebrate everything—especially our friends. And we like to do it just a little more when international Friendship Day hits the calendar this month. And why not? Our friends are our go-tos for everything from secrets to sleepovers, giggles, shopping and more! Here, the top ten reasons to prove you are besties!

  1. You tell each other everything Including the same story, over and over again.
  2. Mi Casa su Casa. You are just as comfortable hanging out at her house with her family (and super cute older brother) as you are at/with yours.
  3. You think alike. You name it: clothes, movies, friends, boys—you are always on the same wavelength. And when you’re not, you appreciate what the other one thinks.
  4. You both are really happy for the other one’s success. There’s no weird jealousy between the two of you. You love how happy she gets when she gets good grades and she is your biggest cheerleader when you score big at dance competitions.
  5. She is the BEST gift giver. She just gets you
  6. Her lips are sealed. You can trust her with your deepest secrets and she knows she can trust you.
  7. She can always make you laugh. Even when you are having a yuck day, she can get a giggle from you—and you like to make her smile too.
  8. You can count on each other. Need help studying or doing an annoying chore? You are there for each other no matter what.
  9. You trust her opinion. Sometimes parents and siblings just don’t get it. But she does and you value what she has to say a lot.

It’s official. You’ve got the friendship bracelet to prove it—and they’re matching, of course, because you love the same things

Summer Accessories

It’s soooo fun and freeing getting dressed for summer days: breezy dresses, short shorts, tanks and tees—we love it all! But what we love even more? The accessories that go with them. Think about it…sure you can wear bling and more during the other seasons, but summer, without it’s long sleeves and pants to the ground, means you can show them off even more.

  1. Charms. Whether on bracelets, necklaces, anklets or rings, these little details say a lot about you. We love them because they can be anything, from pets, to school supplies, books, sports, travel destinations, fashion, accessories, initials…the list goes on and on. Look for them everywhere from your fave retail spot, online, or even make them yourself.


  1. Sunglasses. Yes the sun can be bright during fall, spring and winter, but during summer you need a good pair of sunnies. The sun is strongest then, so it’s uber important to protect your eyes, of course, but you also really need them to go with whatever outfit you are sporting as they are THE perfect summer accessory!


  1. Beach/pool bag. You absolutely canNOT go out for a day of splashing summer sun with all your supplies tucked under your arm or in any ole bag. You’ve got to tote your towel, sunscreen, hat, change of dry clothes, even a reading book into a cute bag that says you are rocking the day and the look. Choose one that’s waterproof and in a super fun color or a fabulously traditional one made of straw that may have some pretty flowers or other cool designs stitched on.


  1. Towels. You spend so much time choosing the right bathing suit or other pool/beach side outfit, when the canvas you are sitting on matters too! Your towel! Round ones with fun sayings, patterns or even made to look like fruit (think an oversized watermelon) are all the rage and we love them. There’s also the standard rectangle ones that come in all comes of designs and patterns too—our advice is to look for oversized ones so you can share with friends.


  1. Tattoos. Temporary body art adds a little glitter and a lot of fun to an outfit. Wear them proud on your arm, snake one delicately around your ankle of place on in an unexpected spot like on your tummy that peeks through a bikini or try smaller delicate ones made for your face, like a sprinkling of hearts or stars on your cheekbone.