Model Squad Box Notes

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You asked for it we created it! Our MODEL SQUAD boxes are for girls who love Sugar Lulu, are obsessed with our patterns and designs, and want to be part of our brand in a bigger, more meaningful and affordable way.

Here’s the SWEET scoop!
Sign up for our #sweetstyle MODEL SQUAD box and get:

Every other month we will release a new collection of 3-7 new designs. But the fun part is you wont know which one you are getting, that is until you open your Sugar Lulu Sweet Surprise package. Will you get the same one your friend got? or will you get a different design? Thank goodness all the designs are super cute so you should be happy with what ever design you get, and, if you absolutely love the one your friend got or you must have one of the other sweet designs – guess what? You may buy it with your model code for the same low $39.99 (this cost is only available to our model squad) Yes, that is correct all leggings are $39.99 and crop tops $19.99 just for you!

Here are the package options:

Leggings only pack:
One pair of leggings every other month with a SWEET SURPRISE

Mix it up pack:
Every other month you will get one of the following: leggings, skirt, or shorts – with the shorts you will get more sweet surprises or a sweet surprise and t-shirt Over the course of the 6 shipments you will get 3 leggings, 2 shorts and 1 skirt.

SWEET SURPRISES may include, sunglasses, makeup bags, fuzzy socks, earbuds, candy, hair accessories, cosmetics, bath bombs, journals, dance items, etc..) for only $39.99 plus shipping and handling.

If you would like to add on a crop top to make a complete outfit with every shipment you may click the CROP TOP option below and we will include a crop top for only $19.99 more.

Here are the subscription options

We just want to try it – 1 month only to see if you like it, you must cancel or we will assume you love it and would like to stay in the program. Your first month will be billed at $49.99 (plus shipping and handling) and then every other month you will be charged $39.99 (plus shipping and handling) for the balance of the 6 month subscription. Every box comes with FREE sweet surprises!

(add crop or T-shirt for $24 if you stay in the program it will be reduced to $19.99 there after)

I LOVE Sugar LULU and I want the 6 month subscription! This will be billed $39.99 every other month. FREE sweet surprises!

add crop top or t-shirt for only $19.99

I’m all in and want the BONUS gift! This is a prepaid 6 month option (same as above but paid all at once and you get a FREE $60 Duffle bag!
$240 (for 6 shipments at $39.99) plus shipping and handling
and FREE sweet treats!!

add prepaid crop top or t-shirt for 6 months and get FREE glam bag (makeup bag)
$120 (for 6 shipments at $19.99)

Check out the other benefits of being part of our MODEL SQUAD (click here)