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Model Squad Subscription Box FAQ’s

What is the Model Squad? The Model Squad is a group of girls who love to model and want to show off their sweet style in Sugar Lulu products. Their photos may be featured on our social media pages! They get special discounts, early notifications of photo shoots and runway shows, VIP passes to special events, and support for contests and giveaways yearly. They also have the opportunity to be invited to be one of our elite Model Squad Ambassadors.

We came up with this box at the suggestion of our girls. They wanted a more affordable way to work with us more consistently. This was our way of giving back to them for their support. We cut our cost almost in 1/2 and added a few sweet surprises and voila! the model squad was born. (You guys give us the best ideas!! thank you. xo)

When can I expect my first box? Boxes are shipped February, April, June, August, October, December. We need to receive your order at least one month before the next scheduled shipment. For example; if you place your order in January your first box will be February. If you place your order in February your first box will be April (next box drop month).

Do I Need to Join the Model Squad to be part of your brand? No. You can sign up to be a Sugar Lulu Girl and you’re part of the team! (click here to sign up now)

Do I need to join the squad to Model in your Photo Shoots, Runway or Fashion Shows? No, you do not need to be on the model squad team to model with us. We hold casting calls a least 4 times per year but we do like to select Sugar Lulu girls who are actively posting with their favorite Sugar Lulu outfits that follow and tag us regularly @sugarlulu13, @sugarlulugirls, @sugarlulumodels, and @sugarlulupets. Sugar Lulu Girls and Model Squad members are notified through email, so make sure to get on our email list.

If I sign up to be on the Model Squad do I also need to sign up to be a Sugar Lulu girl? Yes. Once you sign up to be on the Model Squad you will get a confirmation email with a link to sign up to be a Sugar Lulu girl. If you are already a Sugar Lulu girl, you do not need to sign up again. You will only be featured and eligible to work with us once we have received your parent consent form.

What is the difference between the Model Squad box and the Sweet Surprise box? Both boxes make great gifts! Each box is basically the same as far as what you get inside the box. The only difference is:

The Model Squad box is a subscription box that you get every other month. This box is great for girls who are active on social media and are interested in modeling, posting and sharing our products. The model squad team also gets the opportunity to be featured on our pages and are eligible to be part of our Ambassador program. There are additional discounts offered to these girls as well as exclusive product only available to them. For more info on Model Squad perks (click here).

The Sweet Surprise Box is a ONE TIME box to get or give as a gift. Both boxes come in a pretty pink box with our logo, sparkly tissue paper, apparel, a sweet surprise and a little sweet treat.

How do I become a Model Squad Ambassador? Model Squad Ambassador status is by invitation only. We look for girls that are modeling our products and posting, following, and tagging @sugarlulu13 @sugarlulugirls @sugarlulumodels @sugarlulupets with good quality images on a consistent basis. We want to recognize these squad members by inviting them to be part of our elite Model Squad Ambassador team. This status is only available to our Model Squad members.

How do I get featured on your website? We hold casting calls for our website and catalog images, although we do give preference to our Model Squad members and Sugar Lulu Girls.

Do I need to submit photos taken by a professional photographer?  While all your photos should be the very best quality they can be, it is not necessary to hire a professional photographer. However, keep in mind that some types of printed materials do require high quality photos and in this case professional photos are generally best. We do look for professional photos to be featured on our website and catalog and on some of our pages but not for all of them.

If you would like to use a professional photographer, we do have special rates available and would be happy to put you in touch with one of our favorites!! (click here to email us).  If you have someone that you feel is amazing and should get added to our list of incredible photographers. Please let us know!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes! If you are unhappy at any time you may cancel. Your subscription will end the month following your next subscription delivery, unless we receive your cancellation before you are charged for the next month’s box (before the first of the month).  Please do not email or DM us to cancel your subscription. Please go into your account and cancel from there. To cancel, click on My Account at the top of the page and cancel there. If you are billed and do not pay your bill that month, or your credit card fails, you will still be responsible for the charges for that box. You will be charged until you actually go into your account and cancel it.  It is very easy to cancel.

If you paid in full, your subscription may not be cancelled but you may choose not to renew for the following year.

What’s the benefit of paying for my Model Squad box all at once?  You get a free duffle bag! ($60 value)

What if my daughter’s size changes during the subscription? No problem. Just let us know before the 1st of the month by emailing marketing@sugarlulu.com SUBJECT: Size Change Subscription Box. We will get back to you to let you know we received your request. If you do not hear back from us please check your account to see if the change was made.

General FAQ’s 

How do I sign up to be a Sugar Lulu Girl? Sugar Lulu girls are the heart and soul of our company. Girls may sign up to be on our team by going to Sugarlulu.com and clicking on Be A Sugar Lulu Girl! Fill out the application telling us a little bit about your daughter. We then hold that info to use if she is invited to be featured on our website or to become an Ambassador. An email will be sent to you with our parent consent form. Once you sign and send back, we will put you on our mailing list to be notified of any special offers, contests, photoshoots etc. and you will be given a special 20% discount code to use with family and close friends. And YES, then you can post your badge on your page and tag us @sugarlulu13 #sugarlulustyle. Now it is ok to put us in your bio – Sugar Lulu Girl, You may also put our website sugarlulu.com with the special 10% off code that you can share with all your fans.

What do Sugar Lulu girls get to do? Sugar Lulu girls get to be part of our girl community. They can do as much or as little as they would like. They get to vote on designs, name our prints, participate in our focus groups, attend casting calls, model for our website, catalog, attend meet and greets, and so much more!!

If I have more than one child do I need to fill out a Sugar Lulu form for each one? Yes. We treat each girl individually and as a special member of our community. We do need a separate application and parent consent form for each child.

How often should I post and tag Sugar Lulu? It’s not about the quantity it is about the quality. We would rather see good quality pics that really represent your style. We love to see how you take our activewear and make it fit your look. Show us how you wear it to workout,  and how you wear it to go out? Show you in action (best dance pose, best handstand, best fierce look! Make a TiKToK in our clothes) We love to see how you mix and match what we bring to you. Get creative!! Got fancy we love it!! Got edgy we love it too! Got sweet, well you know we love that!! But most of all we want you to have fun and not feel like this is work, We want you to just show off your unique style and don’t forget to @sugarlulu13 and #dance2downtown #sweetstyle2streetstyle #sugarlulustyle so we can comment and support you! Who knows you just might get featured on our feed or story!

Do I have to be a dancer to join your team! No. Sugar Lulu is for every active girl. Dancers and Gymnasts happen to love our clothes because they are so soft and comfy and they can wear them to the studio and then change it up and wear it out on the streets.

What is special about your clothing? Our clothing is made for performance and comfort. Our fabric moves with you, does not fall down when you are dancing or flipping or kicking. It is not see-through so you can be comfortable knowing you are covered. It is made from quick dry material that has great wicking properties, which means it pulls the moisture away from your skin to keep you dry while you’re active. It has an antimicrobial blocker that does not let bacterial grow and keeps your clothes odor free.  We have the sweetest and chicest prints on the market – Girls LOVE our designs. We have a great fit, the clothes do not fade or pill and have a resilient 4 way stretch with 84% Poly and 16% Spandex, they are perfect!!! Our clothes just feel good on the skin. No tags, and No hard seams – even the pickiest girls will love to wear Sugar Lulu.

Do you partner with girls on contests and giveaways? We love all our girls and we would love to partner with all of them but we have decided to only partner with our Model Squad Girls. These are girls that are committed to our brand in a much bigger way and this is one way we can show our support for them. Of course if you are a Sugar Lulu girl and support us on a consistent basis showing off your sweetstyle in our activewear we will always consider partnering with you too!!

Social Media FAQ

What is the difference between @ and # on instagram?

Hashtags (#) are key words that are added on to posts using the #symbol followed by a keyword for example #sugarlulusisters If you want your post to show up with all of our other sugarlulusisters you would # like this.  At Sugar Lulu we use Hashtags  a lot and encourage our girls to use them too. Some of our favorites are: #dance2downtown, #Sweetstyle2Streetstyle, #Sugarlulustyle, #Sweetlife #SugarLuluModelSquad #modelsquadbox #sugarlulusisters #sugarlulu

The @ or username symbol is used to let someone know you posted about them, This can be done in the post or on the photo or both. We recommend both, this way it shows up on our feed to alert us you posted about us and we can comment on your post to support you and to thank you!!

Additional Questions: If you have additional questions, please email marketing@sugarlulu.com and we will get back to you ASAP.