Cuteness Overload in Paw Print

Cuteness Overload in Paw Print

Isabelle practices hard to be the best she can be! 
After practice she throws on a white faux fur coat, her shiny silver combat boots and a simple choker necklace, and she is ready to hang with friends! 
Cuteness overload!
Show Isabelle some love and let her know what you think of her outfit! 
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  • Vanessa

    I love how this cute print can be “as is” and be adorable and yet be styled up to look older for my tween. So versatile!

  • Taylor-Lily

    Love this look! The Paw Print leggings and and faux fur coat look perfect together!

  • Isabella Soto

    This is SUPER cute. I love the jacket paired with the paw prints

  • Savannah Navarro

    I love her style! So cute!

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