Mystery Bags

Sweet Surprise Mystery Bags!!

$40 Bag or the MEGA $100 Bag!
We know our girls love a surprise so here is a special offer just for you!

 All you need to do is:  1) Pick your size  2) Be surprised

  • 1st quality merchandise 
  • You will get one or a combination of the following: Legging, Shorts, Top, Skirt
  • Some mystery bags may have matching sets, and some may have mixed prints
  • No RETURNS or EXCHANGES and we cannot guarantee you will not get a print you own already. Do you feel lucky?? For this cost how can you not take a chance!! 
  • Just select your size & get ready to be surprised!! It’s that sweet and simple!

** These highly discounted bags do not qualify for free shipping or to be used in conjunction with any discount code or coupon.