Mother's Day Ideas (COVID-19 edition)

Mother's Day Ideas (COVID-19 edition)

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we wanted to share some of our favorite gift giving ideas for mom!!

 Make a coupon book for your mom to use throughout the year with tasks you are willing to do for her when she redeems each coupon. 

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1. Do the dishes

Our moms work very hard every day to make sure we have food on the table, clean clothes to wear, school work completed, plenty of hugs & so much more! Just doing the dishes after dinner can be a great way to show how grateful we are for having a wonderful mom.

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2. Foot massage

Even a short foot massage can help your mom relax, relieve stress, sleep better, improve her mood & improve body circulation. If your mom loves massages, this would be a super great gift to give.

3. Breakfast in bed

Who would not love breakfast in bed? What a treat for mom! (ask another adult for help if you are cooking or using hot water)

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Use a cookie cutter to make the heart design in the bread, put butter on the bread and put in frying pan, drop egg into the hole of the bread and cook! Voila, egg from the heart!

4. High tea afternoon together

The whole family can have some fun with fingertip sandwiches & yummy scones English style! Bring some of your mom's favorites to the table & if weather permits, bring it outside, maybe even making it a backyard picnic! You can even substitute tea for hot chocolate. YUM!!

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5) Write a poem, letter or song

Words can also be a fun way to show your mom how much you love her & how much she means to you. The best part is: if it's written, she can frame it, if you video it she can treasure it forever.  Words from the heart mean so much to every mom!! 

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6. At-home manicure

Since the current circumstances do not allow us to go & get our nails done in a professional environment, let's improvise with a home-made nail salon. Have fun with bright spring colors. If you feel extra creative, you can even add a little design in the form of hearts, flowers or our favorite French Bulldog. Cuuute!!


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7. Backyard campout

If weather permits & you have all the necessary equipment, why not make Mother's day an overnight adventure with a backyard campout? Stargaze, talk late & laugh a lot! And bring lots of sweet treats!! 

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Wishing all our SugarLulu moms a really sweet Mother's Day surrounded by those who love you!! xo 

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  • Amanda Trickey

    Best list of suggestions I have seen to date. Mom, look out, this is going to be an awesome Mother’s Day!

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