PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (found in quarantine) by Sophia Grace

PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (found in quarantine) by Sophia Grace

A Little About Me
My name is Sophia Grace (@dancer_sophiagrace on Instagram) and I am a high school student. I have been a competitive dancer since second grade and I started a photography business during quarantine!  You can follow along with my journey on @sophiagrace_photos. I have been a Sugar Lulu girl for over a year and am also a Sugar Lulu Influencer.
My Passion for Photography
I have always had a passion for photography but did not really get serious about it until quarantine. For the past couple of years I had occasionally checked Ebay for a used camera and one day this past April my dad noticed a great deal for a new camera with two lenses! Once the camera came in I could not put it down, I spent hours memorizing the manual,  watching Youtube tutorials, and asking @joslynrenee_photography countless questions (she has been a great mentor to me for photography!) 
The camera I have is a great beginner camera which I would definitely recommend if you want to get into photography. I use a Canon Rebel T6 Camera with a 18-55mm lens. I currently do not own any lighting equipment (I use natural light), but that is something I am looking into! When I pack for photoshoots I always bring my camera, both lenses, extra SD cards, bandaids, hand sanitizer, and of course a mask. 
Photography Tips
  1. Know your model! If I don’t personally know the dancer/model I like to take a look at their Instagram profile if they have one. I try to get a feel for their strengths, for example if I notice they have a flexible back when they need a pose I try to suggest ones that would highlight that strength.
  2. Watch the lighting! I try to avoid shooting in the direct sunlight or shooting with the model’s back to the sun. Also be aware when taking pictures under trees or other objects that can cause unwanted shadow patterns.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether it is during the editing process or during a shoot, don’t shy away from an opportunity to try a shot that is unlike ones you normally take. Sometimes they end up being my favorite photos from a session and sometimes I delete them… but you won’t know until you try!
My Favorite Photos
This was taken at my first time ever doing a dance photoshoot. I was so nervous that the pictures wouldn’t turn out as good as I hoped they would, but they turned out better than expected! (@dancer_kenna_)
I really love how the dark colors of Layla’s Sugar Lulu set contrasted with the red door, it really made her pop! This is also one of my favorite “simple poses” that doesn’t look so simple in photos. (@layla_loves_to_dance)
I really loved how the colors in this photo turned out, at first I was worried Jewels would get lost in all of the colors and the background but in the end she still was the center of focus. (@dancer.jewels)
I love the fall vibes from this picture! Catie is also wearing a Sugar Lulu set that contrasted with the background colors really nicely. (@dancing_catie)
This may be a simple pose but I love when I can incorporate a bit of sunlight into my photos such as this. When taking this photo I made sure to get just enough sunlight on the top, but not too much that it would overpower the lighting on Chloe. (@chloe.paige258)
Sophia Grace (wearing Sugarlulu Influencer tee and Leggings

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