Samaria is a competitive dancer from New York and has been dancing since she was five years old. She loves all styles of dance, but her personal favorite is lyrical. When she is not dancing, Samaria can be found reading, writing, singing, or acting. Besides her passion for the arts, Samaria is also a straight A student and spreads kindness to everyone she meets.
Sage is a competitive dancer from N.Y., her favorite style being lyrical. She is an avid reader who loves to write stories, bake, and ride horses. She is passionate about animal rescue and the environment and lives by the motto: everyone deserves kindness&acceptance. These qualities are also what she loves about SugarLulu, as well as their clothes being the softest and most flexible for dance and fun!
Maddie is a dancer. She shows her passion for everything she loves, including dance and SugarLuLu. She has won many titles. Hobbies she does while she is not dancing include art, playing video games, watching wrestling, and cooking. Maddie trains in most styles of dance with contemporary as her favorite. 
Gabriella is a dancer-model-influencer. She is from the great state of Texas. Her favorite dance style is contemporary and when she isn't dancing her other hobbies are to paint, bake and to try different make-up techniques. Her favorite subject in school is biology and plans to pursue her masters in biology.
Trinity Noelle is a competitive dancer. She has been training in dance since the age of 3. Trinity trains in: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical,  Hip Hop, and Acro Dance. In her spare time she likes to draw, read, dance, play games with her friends. 
Zoey is currently in her 8th season of cheerleading and is a flyer on her all star cheer team. A fun fact is that Zoey trained at just 9 years old with a college co-ed cheerleading stunt team working on her level 6 stunting skills! In addition to cheer she is also a competitive swimmer year round competing on two different swim teams. 
Mallory has been doing Competitive Cheer for 8 years. She also loves practicing aerial arts and contortion, as well as archery and golf. She likes anything creative, such as drawing and painting. She spends her free time with friends and her pets! 
Meet KK
KK currently is a level 9 gymnast training at Wildfire Gymnastics. She hopes to eventually compete at a D1 college. Prior to joining the JO gymnastics program, KK was a competitive skateboarder. KK loves her family, her friends and all animals; she has a guinea pig, tortoise and a puppy named Nala. 
Mikayla is a high honor roll student who is a part of student Senate, Play Unify, and choir.  She is a member of the Animal Humane Society and Relay for Life.  She enjoys playing the keyboard, writing her own song lyrics, hip hop dancing and modeling. 
Sienna is a dancer from Toronto Canada. She has been dancing since she was two years old and trains at the award winning studio A2Y Dance Inc in Aurora Ontario. She trains in all forms of dance but especially enjoys lyrical, contemporary and ballet. 
Reilly is from the Lou and as a member of her dance studios traveling team, you never know when and where you might bump into her. She is excited to be part of the SugarLulu Influencer team.
Julia dances competitively on her school and studio dance teams. She trains in all styles but her favorites are tap and ballroom! She is excited to be touring as an assistant with Fluid Dance Convention this season!
Kylie is a competitive dancer and has been dancing for 7 years. She trains in all styles of dance but her favorite is lyrical and ballet. Kylie loves to perform on stage. She also enjoys acting, modeling and cooking. 
Taylor is a passionate performer! She has danced since she was two, holds many top ten titles and elite team dancer awards.  Her most coveted award is being selected as a company member with LA Dance Magic and Breakout Artist of the Year. She loves assisting other dancers and making new friends while traveling to new cities. 
Shea also known as "sheasheacoollae" is a model & actress. Shea has walked in several NYC fashion shows (Petite Parade & NY Fashion Week) & has been casted for Season 2 in the reality TV show Rising Fashion Show (Walking the runway in NYC-Paris-London and Miami).  You can also find Shea soaking up the sun on the beaches at the Jersey Shore with her friends and making Tik-Tok.
Izzie she has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Her favorite style of dance is jazz but she loves dancing to all the other styles of dance too. Two issues that are very important to her are childhood cancer awareness to help get more money for research and the anti-bullying campaign because we should all be kind to one another. 

Annabel is a competitive cheerleader and started cheering at 5 years old.  Annabel loves to fly in stunts and also really loves to work on her flexibility. Annabel is a 5x National Champions winner , 2x US Finals winner and a 2x Champion Challenge winner. Besides cheerleading, she is also a straight-A student and a vegetarian that loves to rescue animals. 

Berkley lives in Texas. She eats, breaths, and sleeps anything dance.   She enjoys all genres with ballet being her absolute favorite. Her favorite hobby is traveling, and dance provides many opportunities to travel! She has won several awards, scholarships, titles, and opportunities throughout the past 5 years.  
Caitlin has been dancing since she was two years old (five years competitively). She’s also played lead roles in musicals (including the Genie in Aladdin and Adelaide in Guys and Dolls). She strives to spread kindness and positivity to all in the dance and theatre communities and beyond.
Kylee started dancing at 19 months old. Her favorite things to do are dance and bake.  She trains in all styles of dance, but her favorites are; tap, jazz, contemporary & hiphop. 
Ilaria has been a Level 9 competitive gymnast until recently and is now involved in competitive diving. She started gymnastics when she was 4 years old and diving when she was about 11. Whenever she focuses on what she wants to achieve she has a strong determination to succeed and do it well.